30A.com Introduces New Shopper's Card

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Owner of 30A.com Mike Ragsdale along with Cool Coastal partners Greg Alsobrook and Bryan Burnett wanted a way to promote local business.

“We set out to create a program that would benefit everyone. We're talking the merchants the distributors and especially the card holder" said Cool Coastal Founder Greg Alsobrook.

What they came up with was a 30A shopper’s card.

“We got behind it because it's something that not only benefits local merchants but also people who carry the card" said 30A.com Founder Mark Ragsdale.

The card costs twenty-four ninety-five and gives shoppers discounts at more than one hundred shops and restaurants.

"Being a part of the 30A card just for us is a continuation of being a part of the 30A community. Since we started our business YOLO Board, 30a.com has been such a big supporter" said YOLO Board Co-Founder Jeff Archer.

“Well I think anytime you get on the website to find out where you can go to use this card there's always going to be the person whether they're local, whether they're traveling that's going to say I’ve never been there before" said Furry Fanatics Owner Julie Brown.

"Part of what makes this area so wonderful is the variety of different businesses and this really gives people not only an incentive to get out there and try new businesses but also it's a loyalty program that encourages repeat business" said Ragsdale.

To learn more about the card visit 30Agear.com.