Local Water Conservation a High Priority

The severe lack of rain has Bay County officials asking residents to cut back on their water usage.

The Fourth of July weekend is a peak weekend for water usage in our area. During the holiday weekend last year the county went through 36-million gallons of treated water a day.

We're already using that amount now, and we aren't even into July. The county's water treatment plant can only process 40-million gallons a day before reserve tanks are tapped into.

Catherine Zehner of the county’s Community Outreach office says people to be aware of their water consumption.

Here are several ways to conserve water. Only water your lawn two or three times a week. In fact, over-watering keeps lawns moist, which allows disease to kill your lawn.

Try to cut some time off your daily shower and turn your water off while brushing your teeth and washing your face.

Another real threat is fire danger. Conserving water will ensure there is ample water to fight wildfires that could break out.