104 Year Old Woman Receives Honory State Attorney Certificate

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Not only is today C.O.Z. Peterson's 104th birthday, it's the day she's waited for since she was a little girl.

The State Attorney's Office heard her life-long goal of becoming a lawyer, and they presented her with an honorary certificate, inducting her into the state attorney's office.

As a little girl Peterson dreamed of becoming a lawyer. Her father supported her goal, but her mother advised against it. So she married at 17, and put her life-long dreams aside.

Now, as her 104th birthday rolls around, Peterson got a surprise birthday wish. The State Attorney's Office made her an honorary member of their office.

"Thank you for all for it and thank you lord, that I have lived good enough for people to know that I've tried. You know that's all you can do is keep trying never give up," said Peterson.

And Peterson never did give up. Even as a busy mother of four, her lifelong desire to be an attorney held a special place in her heart.

Joe Grammer, Assistant State Attorney, said, "That's what her dream had always been, so Steve thought it'd be a nice thing to do...bring a little bit of fun into her life and it certainly brought fun in our lives to go bring her that certificate."

Now she says she'll start planning her next goal for her 105th birthday.

Peterson says she hopes to inspire the younger generation of lawyers in the world, to know that it is never too late to achieve your goals.