Boy Wonder

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Nicholas Smith is your typical eight year old boy, enjoying the summer before he heads back to the 3rd grade at Southport Elementary.

But last Wednesday he did something amazing.

Nicholas, his mom Patricia and a young child Patricia was babysitting, were heading to the mall, when Patricia suffered a drop in her blood sugar.

She passed out over the steering wheel of their truck, with traffic heading their direction.
The eight year old boy took matters into his own hands. Someone stopped and called 911 and an ambulance responded.

According to paramedics, Nicholas' quick thinking saved his mom's life, "...I don't think there's any doubt that Nicholas is a hero for what he did on that day, right here at this stop sign on 12th and Wyoming, but you wouldn't know that from talking to this 8 year old, he's as humble as ever, not taking much credit for it, saying simply, he did what he had to do."

Mom Patricia is both thankful and proud. "...I gave him lot's of hugs and kisses, I think I cried most of the day, I told him how proud I was of just goes to show that sometimes parents can learn a lot from their children."

After hearing the story, Lynn Haven Mayor Walter Kelley and his police and fire departments want to honor Nicholas at a ceremony Tuesday at 5 o'clock.

The one missing piece of the story is the Good Samaritan who stopped and called 911, but no one knows who he is. If you know who that man is, give Newschannel 7 a call at 233-1977 so we can put the Smith's in contact with him.