DeFuniak Police Takeover is a Dead Issue

Several weeks ago, it was reported that Walton County Sheriff Ralph Johnson suggested DeFuniak Springs would be better off without its own police force, letting the sheriff’s department handle law enforcement for the city.

Apparently the DeFuniak Spring City Commission isn't having any part of it. Not only was it not on the latest meeting agenda, it's didn't even come up in conversation.

Sheriff Johnson pointed out the DeFuniak Police Department was undermanned, and that his department has to send deputies into the city to handle calls.

Police Chief Michael Adkinson disputed the claims, saying the police department will continue growing and expanding with the city.

Adkinson says in his mind, this is a dead issue. "This is not going to be something brought before the council; the public has voiced overwhelming support for the police department being in its current capacity, so this issues is really over from this standpoint."

DeFuniak Springs is one of only two cities in the state with an elected police chief.