Katrina Family

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Dan Lowry evacuated Louisiana on September 1. Like so many, he and his two children left home and headed east. They ended up in an apartment on Panama City Beach, but now they're packing up and throwing everything in a storage facility because they're being evicted.

"FEMA has not come through with all their money for rent and I've got two children I can't get to a daycare, I've got no job, nobody to watch the baby and the daycare, nothing like that, so now I'm being evicted from this house."

Lowry says he's happy here in Panama City Beach and wants to stay. So far two local charitable organizations, like Project Hope and the Hunger and Homeless Coalition, are helping Lowry stay in a Budget Inn for the next two days. After that, they hope to find a permanent home.

Lowry says he's just one of many Katrina victims still trying to get their life on track.

"A lot of people think Katrina is a long time ago, but I just met a woman last week who just got an apartment, almost a year later, just got an apartment, she's been living in motels the last nine to 10 month's, so there's a lot of people out there that aren't doing a lot better."

As for Lowry, he's come to rely on his ability to persevere.

"Whatever it takes, I'm gonna survive, and from here on out I hope it's a good road."

Lowry is going to Neighbors to Neighbors Wednesday for a job interview. He hopes to find a permanent residence within a few days to provide some stability for his family.