HIV Testing

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AIDS is still a major problem in the United States with nearly a million new cases in the last couple of years, according to state Health Departments.

It's the leading cause of death among African-Americans ages 25 to 44, and African-American women are seeing the sharpest increase in new cases.

But anyone can be at risk, and people in Bay County are no exception. Basic of northwest Florida provides two types of tests. Both use swabs, so no blood is drawn. They can give you results is less than 45 minutes.

"The only way you can know your status is by coming in and taking a test. There's no symptoms or anything like that for this virus, so the only way you'll know if you're infected is by taking a test, that's why we're stressing HIV tests in our community, and it is absolutely free."

The biggest risk factors are unprotected sex and sharing needles. If you have any questions you can get a free test at basic in Panama City.