Hero Boy

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Eight-year-old Nicholas Smith certainly doesn't show his age. Tuesday the mayor of Lynn Haven, Walter Kelly, along with the city's fire and police departments, wanted to meet this young man and present him with an award after hearing his remarkable story.

His mother, Patricia, suffers from type one diabetes. She suffered a drop in her blood sugar and passed out behind the wheel last Wednesday.

Eight-year-old Nicholas stopped the car, put it in park and flagged down help, just in the nick of time. The paramedics told Patricia her son's quick thinking saved her life.

Nicholas wouldn't take much credit for his actions, saying he did what he had to do, although he did admit he was a little scared. He's receiving nothing but praise for his heroic actions.

One other note, the man who stopped to help was Christopher Lewis, who works for Knology. He wife Naomi called when she heard that the Smiths were trying to contact him and thank him for his help.