325th Fighter Wing Transitions To Air Combat Command

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Panama City- The 325th Fighter Wing at Tyndall Air Force Base made its official transition from Air Education and Training Command to Air Combat Command Monday morning.
The wing now operates under the 9th Air Force on the new “combat ready” mission.

"We're bringing them back into Air Combat Command and that means they'll now have an operational combat mission," said Major General Lawrence Wells of 9th Air Force.

The 325th Fighter Wing will need to stay ready to deploy airmen anywhere around the globe with very little notice.

"The pace and the tempo at the base will improve. People will start to exercise more, be prepared to do combat missions anytime, anywhere," said Wells.

There will soon be additional F-22’s and T-38’s housed at Tyndall. The new squadrons will also bring the base up to 1,000 extra personnel, providing a possible economic boost.

“More personnel means we’re going to have more great families in the Air Force coming to Bay County,” said Congressman Steve Southerland.

Brigadier General John McMullen says they're not completely leaving their old educational mission behind.

"We're going to continue to graduate the world's finest air dominance pilots in the F-22," said McMullen.

He’s excited about the new mission and is already making major improvements to existing buildings to better handle the new aircraft.

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