84-Year-Old Sexual Offender Arrested in Parker

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Leonard "Woody" Dorsey has been living in Parker for about four months. No one knew of his dark past until neighbors called the Parker Police Department, complaining Dorsey was walking around the neighborhood naked.

He moved from Ft. Myers to a tucked-away RV park in Parker. He may have been trying to escape his past, but it caught up with him on Thursday.

Leonard Dorsey is an 84-year-old sex offender, who 10 years ago was booked for lewd and lascivious molestation on a child under 16. He was 74 years old at the time.

Parker police say Dorsey lived in the lower part of the Parker home for about four months. His neighbors complained to police that Dorsey was walking around the neighborhood with no clothes on and sunbathing in the nude on the public dock.

After running his license plates, investigators learned of Dorsey's sexual history and promptly arrested him, making him the first person arrested since Parker passed the no-sexual offender zone.

Aaron Wilson, Parker PD investigator, said, "We've had two that's attempted to move into Parker, but one finding out about our city ordinance. They have moved somewhere else, but this first one we have prosecuted."

Investigators say Dorsey didn't resist arrest, mentioning he just hadn't gotten around to registering as a sexual offender. All sexual offenders must register within six days of moving to a new city.

Once Dorsey is released from the Bay County Jail he won't have to worry about registering in Bay County.

What happens next? Obviously, he cannot live in Parker. He'll have to move from the city. The closest he can live is Panama City Beach.

Panama City Beach is one of the only cities left in Bay County to not have a sexual offender-free zone. Since Dorsey is not allowed back in Parker, police will escort him as he moves out of his old home.