Lynn Haven Fox Attack

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One woman and her eight-year-old daughter are undergoing rabies vaccinations after an encounter with a wild animal. They were visiting friends off Andrew Road in Mowat Highlands Friday when they were attacked by a fox.

"Out of nowhere a small, little bigger than a housecat came up and got on my daughter. He was growling, scratching and biting."

Just a few doors down, Al Stopka and his wife had their own run-in with the animal.

"I was out mowing my lawn early Friday evening and a fox came around the side of the house and started to bite my lawnmower."

Lynn Haven Animal Control set up traps to catch the fox. As of Monday morning nothing had taken the bait.

Later in the day, officials reported finding a dead fox in the area, but the health department says there is no way to know if it's the same animal that attacked the family, and they won't be testing it to find out.

Residents say they've never worried about wild animal attacks before, but now they'll think twice.

"My children won't be playing in the woods anymore."

Preventing attacks:

- avoid wild animals
- don't feed or pet wild animals
- if bitten, seek medical attention

Several weeks ago an elderly Lynn Haven woman was attacked by a rabid raccoon in her back yard near 3rd Street and Ohio Ave.

Officials say these types of attacks are rare, but there are some things you can do to protect yourself. Avoid wild animals, especially if they're out in the daytime.

Most rabid animals aren't afraid of humans, so don't try to scare them off, just stay away. Don't try and feed or pet wild animals, and if you are bitten, seek medical attention immediately.