4th of July Turnout

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When you think of Fourth of July on Panama City Beach, you think of the water and fireworks, but with an impressive turnout this year, it also means a lot of this…

"4th of July is the peak season when it comes to vacationing and tourists coming to Panama City Beach, but there's more than just people on the beach, it's congestion on the roads and in the hotel rooms and that's becoming a major factor."

"Most of our properties are filled to capacity and if some of the properties do have availability, it's only one or two rooms, and we're still trying to help locate visitors who are still calling today for the holiday, so we feel like this holiday is really doing well and may even surpass last year."

"Any time you get this many people down here, there's somewhere probably between 80 and 100,000 people here I would guess, and you're gonna have traffic issues, roads are gonna be congested, people are gonna get impatient, unfortunately, and crashes are gonna occur, people paying attention to things they shouldn't be sometimes when they're driving, but those things happen when you have so many people in the area."

Major Humphreys says that traffic issues are the biggest problem his department are dealing with right now and he expects it to get even worst tomorrow.

A lot of that traffic will be around Pier Park Tuesday afternoon for the fireworks show. Parking may be a problem, so if you're going you should arrive early, and if you can't make it, we'll have video on Newschannel 7.