Fireworks Barge

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Chris Stiner came down from Tennessee to put together the downtown Panama City fireworks display. He's spent three days preparing this $25,000 show.

He places everything in rows, checks and double-checks the fuses, making sure each of the shells will launch at the precise moment.

The average show consists of about a thousand fireworks. But this isn’t your average show. Chris will launch 5,000 to 6,000 shells in just a 20 minute time span.

"Not only is this show bigger than most, it's also on the water and performing pyrotechnics on a barge is much different than on dry land. On a barge, it brings a lot of new factor in, you've got how rough it is out there, the weather can be a lot worse out on a barge as far as being out to sea, you don't have anywhere to run on a barge."

Despite the dangers, Chris says his motivation is the adrenaline rush and the challenge of putting on a perfect show. And from the sheer amount of firepower on this barge, the crowd should be screaming after this show's over.