Big Daddy Will BBQ Again!

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To patrons of Big Daddy's Barbeque, Vickie Moore is just "mama." Tuesday night, she stood weeping, staring at the remains of the Back Beach Road restaurant she operated with her husband, Sonny, and their four children.

"This is blood, sweat and tears. My kids don't do movies, they don't do after school programs, they don't do nothing, they work, that's all we do, we work. We work to survive. This is my life."

The building went up in flames around 6 p.m. Tuesday. Investigators haven’t said for sure what caused the blaze, but Moore says there were electrical problem over the weekend. The Moores are still trying to stomach the reality.

"Just to see my dreams go up in flames, this is what I do."

Decked out in their work clothes and pulling a trailer behind their truck, the Moores spent Wednesday morning salvaging what that could from the piles of charred rubble, but this tragedy, which seemed to paralyze the family Tuesday night, had a different effect Wednesday.

"This is not a stumbling block, but a stepping stone. We're out here cleaning up today, we're ready to rebuild."

With 90 percent of the building destroyed and no insurance, Big Daddy promises he'll be barbecuing again.

Community members have shown an overwhelming desire to help the Moore's. They’ve set up a benefit account at Coastal Community Bank on Panama City Beach under the name Big Daddy's Brown Bag BBQ.

If you’d like to donate, call the bank at 249-2265.