Dolphin Watcher

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It may seem like a Florida vacation, but for Russ Rector it's much more than that.

"This is a dubious distinction to have the worst dolphin problem in the whole United States," said dolphin activist Russ Rector.

Rector is spending his day on the open water, making sure boats, snorkelers and jet skiers stay away from dolphins.

"I see a lot of money being made by illegally feeding and harassing these wild dolphins. It breaks my heart and it makes me terribly angry," said Rector.

Despite state and federal laws protecting dolphins, rector says the illegal activity has picked up dramatically over the last four years. He accuses law enforcement officials with failing to do their jobs, so he does what he can on his own.

Armed with his own camera crew, Rector motors out into the Gulf, documenting the illegal activities he sees.

"Everybody talks about how bad this is, how unlawful this is, how destructive this is, but nobody does anything about it," said Rector.

Rector ultimately hopes locals will get on board with his plans to protect the dolphins. He's also hoping when he comes back it'll be just for vacation.

People caught breaking the state and federal dolphin laws could face up to a $10,000 fine, loss of boating license and possible jail time.