Korean War Medals Awarded

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Nearly seven million Americans served in the military during the Korean War.

Many received medals for their service, but it took decades for one Korean vet to be recognized for his service.

During their 25 years of marriage, Edyth Hargadine says her husband Bill never liked to talk much about his military service.

Edyth Hargadine said, "Asked him about it one time and he actually broke down and cried. Memories are painful when you see your friend shot to death in front of you."

It wasn't until after Bill died in 2004 that his when his family learned more about his war days. Now 54 years later, Bill Hargadine is getting the medals he earned during the Korean War.

"None of us knew that he had these awards until we were making his funeral arrangements."

Hargadine was discharged from the Air Force in 1952 after a tour in the Korean War. He never officially received his medals. He left the Air Force early on a hardship because his mother was sick.

During a Town Hall meeting in Marianna Friday, Senator Bill Nelson presented Edyth with the Korean Service Medal and the Bronze Star for bravery.

Senator Bill Nelson said, "For the great public service and the sacrifices that your husband made for this country during the Korean War, the Korean Service Medal and the Bronze Star, thank you so much."

Although Bill's not around anymore, Edyth feels good about his life's legacy.

Edyth Hargadine plans to give the medals to Bill's two sons.