Poll Workers Needed

There's another election right around the corner, and the Bay County Elections Office needs your help.

There's a shortage of poll workers here in Bay County. Supervisor of Elections Mark Andersen says part of the reason is the recent addition of touch screen voting machines.

Also, some of the former poll workers have retired, others have moved up into leadership positions. Whatever the reasons, Andersen is short about 100 workers.

He says being a poll worker is easy to do and can be a lot of fun.

"If you want to spend 12 to 13 hours with your best friend, sign up. We'd love to have you come spend time with your friends and also help out the community."

You can also make $130 a day, but there are some requirements.

“You must be a registered voter in Bay County and you must be able to work all day on September 5th, November 7th, or both.”

If you want more information, call Andersen's office at 784-6100, or log onto www.bayvotes.org.