Arc On Welding Back in Court

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Years ago, the county granted Arc On's owner, Larry Suggs, a the legal right to use a small portion of his property for purposes that don't conform to the normal zoning ordinances.

Two years ago, Suggs expanded his business beyond the original agreement, without permission. Shortly after that county officials notified Suggs he was in violation, but he never did anything about it.

County officials say Suggs has had ample time to comply, and now want the courts to help enforce the law. Today, Judge Dede Costello ruled Suggs has 45 days to comply with the code.

Suggs has a few options. He can relocate his business, or shut down the portion he added on two years ago.

Richard Chatham, an Arc On employee, said, "It's a struggle and it's gonna cost money to move this stuff, and that's the whole issue is money. But we're gonna do it, whatever we have to do to comply."

Judge Costello says if Suggs doesn't comply in the given time, his business will be shut down. There is a chance Suggs will temporarily relocate his business if he's unable to secure a new property by mid-August.