Progress in Solving Area Man's Murder

There are new developments in the case of a Jackson County man who was murdered in a Madison County motel last week.

As we reported last week, the murderer may have stolen 61-year-old Richard Meinzer's credit cards and his pick-up truck. Investigators say now they've tracked that credit card activity to a possible suspect.

A surveillance camera shows a man, a suspect in the Madison murder, shopping at a Wal-Mart in Texas with what are believed to be the 61-year-old Richard Meinzer's credit cards.

Back on July 6, a housekeeper found Meinzer's body in room 320 at the Super Eight Motel in Madison County just off Interstate Ten.

Sheriff Pete Bucher says he discovered personal items were removed from the victim's belongings. "We gathered information from missing items to determine he did have credit cards and identification that we began to check and track and we determined that some of that had been used after his tragic death.”

In addition to credit cards, Sheriff Bucher says the person of interest took off with the victim's white 2005 Toyota Tacoma truck. “The individual does have the individuals pickup truck, which we have surveillance cameras of the truck in a parking lot in Texas. The individual is traveling in the Southeast we're trying to work with other law enforcement agencies to pick up this individual.”

Madison County deputies are trying to get the photos of the suspect enhanced to get a better view of his face and hopefully someone who's seen him will help them solve the crime.

Right now, officials aren't sure how much he's spent on the victim’s credit cards, but he's made purchases in Georgia and Texas.

They do not believe the suspect is from the Madison County area.