Things Looking Up for Iraqi Woman

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Dina Rich met her husband at the green zone in Baghdad. She was working as a translator; he was guarding at the gate.

They married and moved to the United States months later, but Dina says since she got here she hasn't been able to find a job.

Dina said, "When they know I'm from Iraq they ask me where I'm from. They change in a second. They take a step back and I can see a weird look."

Dina has her bachelor's degree in English and says she's qualified to work.

"I studied poetry drama, I studied Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet."

But more than that, she wants to work.

"I just want to work to prove to people that I am just like anyone, qualified, have the interest to work, to help my husband and to support my family."

After we ran Dina's story, several people called the couple and Dina went for her first job interview last week.

"She was so kind. I had the opportunity to talk and she listened to me. I finally had the chance to be interviewed, and I was so excited

Job or no job, Dina says the new interest people are taking in her story has taken on new importance. Dina should hear back from the company she interviewed with later this week.