Trolley Doing Very Well

With rising gas prices, some of us are having to look for alternate transportation. Many of us have found it with the Bay Town Trolley which is breaking records and setting new goals.

You see the blue and yellow Trolleys all over Bay County, but what you don't see is how well the Bay Town Trolley is doing in getting residents around town.

It set new records for ridership and is anticipating even greater numbers for the rest of the year.

Doug Boice is the trolley’s general manager and said, “27,953 passengers for the month of June and we suspect that July will be even greater. We fully expect that our ridership will break the 300,000 mark this year."

Boice says the growth in popularity is due to the growth in their coverage of Bay County.

“I believe one of the main factors in increased ridership is the extension of our routes. We've added new routes, we've modified existing routes."

With more trolleys on the road, it's no wonder ridership has increased, and with that little bit of convenience added, the numbers will continue to be impressive.

"Statistically, we have grown about 165 percent over the last three years, and that's just amazing,” Boice said.