11-Year-Old Boy Recovering From Dog Bite

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Family members rushed 11-year-old William Panter to a local hospital Tuesday night after a neighbor's pit bull attacked him.

William was visiting the neighbor’s home.

"He started to pet the dog, the dog lunged and bit him right in the face and split his lip all the way through to the other side. He put a hole in the underside of his lip and put a hole in his chin right here."

The dog's owner witnessed the attack. She has a different story. Doctors stitched William's upper lip and bandaged his other wounds. They expect him to make a full recovery.

Panter says just a few weeks ago the same dog nipped at his arm while he was playing with friends in his back yard, but Davis says her dog has never bitten anyone.

The Bay County Sheriff's Office and Animal Control officials are investigating the case. Once they determine if the dog is up to date on its shots, they can decide whether or not to continue quarantining the dog in it' own home, or if they need to move it to the shelter.

Animal Control officials say when an attack happens on the dog's turf it usually indicates the animal was provoked.

According a 20-year-long study by the Center for Disease Control, pit bull attacks accounted for about a third of the 238 fatal dog attacks in the U.S.