Bay Planning Commission

It looks like the zoning plans for Bay County's new jail will not be hitting any stumbling blocks.

The Bay County Planning Commission met this week to discuss a proposed zoning change for the jail site next to the jail annex off Nehi Road. The change will take the land from agricultural timberland to public institutional.

The Planning Commission approved the request and is sending it on to Bay County Commissioners for final approval.

Also at Thursday meeting, the item that stirred the most discussion was plans for a high-end commercial and residential marina in the West Bay area.

Property owners from the area are collaborating with a real estate agent and developer Continental Construction to gather the land and design a marina resembling Sandestin's Bay Town Wharf.

The project which is in the early stages includes coastal housing, entertainment venues, restaurants, scenic walking parks and of course boat slips.

The commission settled on a height limit of 100 feet. That's a compromise between the 230-foot height limits to the west and 45-foot limits to the south.