Accused Cop Killer in Court

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Accused cop killer Robert Bailey appeared in court Friday to plead guilty to attempted escape, aggravated battery on an officer, and introduction of contraband.

Circuit Court Judge Dedee Costello sentenced Bailey the maximum penalty for each of the charges: 55 years to be served consecutively.

Kight pulled Bailey over on Front Beach Road on Easter Sunday 2005. It was a routine traffic stop, but when Kight return to return Bailey's driver's information, investigators say Bailey pulled a gun and shot Kight at point blank range.

Friday's sentencing means he'll be moved to a maximum security state prison. He'll remain there until to goes on trial for Kight's murder.

Steve Meadows, State Attorney, said, "Robert Bailey came to our community and from the day he got here he's been bringing terror, so the quicker we get him out of our community, the better we'll be."

If convicted on murder charges, Bailey faces the death penalty or life in prison. He is not eligible for parole for any of today's sentences.

A side note, Kevin Kight's widow, Christina, was in the courtroom for Friday’s sentencing.