Riding for Votes

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Candidates are always looking for creative ways attract attention and deliver their messages.

A Panama City gubernatorial candidate is giving new meaning to term “hitting the campaign trail.”

With 100 miles down and 900 more to go, gubernatorial candidate Glenn Burkett is literally hitting the road with his campaign to get know the voters of Florida.

Burkett started his 1,000 mile trek across the state on Tuesday.

Glenn Burkett, (D), said, "The first part I did 40 miles through the hills from Century to Baker, and it was tough, lightning, rain coming down, but nothing is going to stop me from getting to Miami."

Thursday it was Chipley and Friday Chattahoochee, all of this cycling to let the people of Florida know what he plans to do if he's elected Florida's next governor.

"The home insurance prices that we have now is out of control. It's out of control by the people we've had in Tallahassee allowing the insurance companies, because of greed, to continually go up in their rates."

This gubernatorial candidate says he could easily campaign in more comfortable settings.

"I'm doing a face to face campaign, not a tour bus, air conditioned tour bus riding buy for photo ops and getting a party together saying show up so we can look good when the candidate gets off."

Burkett is scheduled to end his bike ride in Key Largo on August 25. Next stop is Tallahassee on Monday. That's also where he hopes to end up after November 7.

Burkett is following the same route the late Gov. Lawton Chiles used when he first campaigned for U.S. Senate in 1970. It earned him the nickname Walkin' Lawton, and a victory in that Senate race.