Prison Graduation

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There are nearly 750 state prison inmates at the Bay Correctional Facility. Many of them are struggling to change their lives. Some are succeeding.

There was a special ceremony Friday for a select few who've spent the last year cleaning up their act, literally, and that's exactly what some of the inmates at the Bay Correctional Facility did.

Twenty eight inmates graduated Friday from a 53-week intensive addiction treatment program.

"Hopefully this program will culminate with them gaining lifestyle changes that will enable them to be productive citizens of society when they return."

The program is not just about drug addiction. It's designed to completely change inmates’ behavior.

"To stop being so impulsive, to control my anger and to have patience and to be a better people person."

Even the inmates themselves will tell you that completing this treatment was no easy task.

"I didn't think I would make it at first, but the process that I went through helped me learn to accept a lot of things in my life that I resented in the past and humble myself and be responsible for my behaviors and actions."

The next step for these inmates is to apply what they've learned to the rest of their life, both in and out of prison.

The inmates did not volunteer for the program. The state required them to participate.