Fire Blazes Bayou George Home

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The fire happened Saturday night around 8 p.m. on Littleton Road in Bayou George. Luckily, the owner, Barbara Bouington, wasn't home when the fire started, so she is safe.

But her home was completely destroyed, and she lost all of her belongings.

When Bouington left her home to baby sit her granddaughter, she never thought it would soon go up in flames.

"It was really devastating."

Her next door neighbor discovered the fire.

“I saw smoke and I thought it was just a bonfire and then when I came back outside I saw flames coming out of the roof," said neighbor Terry Durkee.

Durkee quickly called 9-1-1 before calling Bouington to tell her the heartbreaking news. Bouington, of course, is still shaken up.

"It's rough. I just have to take one day at a time and one step at a time and just get through it."

And Bouington wasn't the only member of her household affected by the fire. Her 16-year-old dog had to be treated with oxygen, but Animal Control officials say the animal is doing well.

The Bay County Sheriff's Office, local fire departments, and the American Red Cross all responded to the fire immediately, and everyone involved wants others to learn from tragedies like this.

"One of the biggest things that citizens need to be aware of are emergency grease fires in the kitchen, and candles, two of the most responsive reasons we have to show up," Richard Lowell of the American Red Cross said.

"Just be super careful," Bouington said. "Just thank your neighbors every day."

Now Bouington says she is going to live with her daughter until she finds her own new home.

The local chapter of the American Red Cross is providing Bouington with food, clothing and temporary shelter if needed.

If you'd like to donate to the Red Cross and help people like Bouington, call your local chapter at 785-6587.