Governor's Poll

A new poll in the Florida governor’s race shows Charlie Crist and Jim Davis have solid leads in their party primaries.

Peter Brown with Quinnipiac University says their survey of people who are likely to vote in September shows Crist leading Tom Gallagher by a 55 to 32 margin in the GOP race.

Brown says the trends don’t look good for Gallagher, who is making his fourth run for the governor’s office.

"Anything is possible, but obviously, given the size of the current lead, you'd need an unexpected event or some kind of mistake. It would be hard to imagine that with out that, without some seminal event, a trend like this could be changed."

On the Democratic side, Jim Davis leads Rod Smith by a margin of 47 to 19. And while Crist leads both Democrats in the poll, Brown says it’s not insurmountable.

"Of course, the Democrats can win this race. As you know, this is a year in which the expectation is nationally that the Democrats will do quite well, and the fact that Crist is ahead as he is, in general election match-ups, is fairly impressive given the national trend."

Brown says most of the Democrats are still waffling. A third of them are undecided and two thirds of the voters who expressed a preference said they would be willing to switch to the other candidate if they had a good reason.