Jeb Bush Creates Tax Force to Come Up With Insurance Reform Ideas

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Add school districts to the growing list of public and private entities caught in Florida’s insurance crisis. Just like home and business owners, they’re having trouble finding affordable or even available coverage.

Jeb Bush hopes a newly appointed task force can come up with some workable solutions.

School districts throughout Florida are caught up in their own insurance nightmare. They’re also having trouble affording insurance coverage, or even finding it at all.

Bill Montford with the Florida Association of District School Superintendents is one of 15 people Jeb Bush just appointed to the state’s Property & Casualty Insurance Reform Committee.

He says the crisis has left billions of dollars of school facilities grossly underinsured.

“Our school districts throughout Florida are in some serious issues, and it’s not just school districts in coastal areas. It’s not just a Dade, Monroe, Broward, Escambia. It’s the school districts even in the central part of the state.”

The same crisis is crushing Florida’s home and business owners, many of whom are angry that legislation lawmakers passed this spring didn’t help much.

Jeb Bush doesn’t know what recommendations the insurance reform committee will come back with, but he’s hoping it’s something of substance. The statewide insurance crisis is already affecting Florida’s financial picture.

The governor says he’s not ruling out calling lawmakers back to town to tackle the problem.

“We want to get the best ideas and develop some consensus and maybe it will lead to a special session, maybe it won’t, but we’ve got some serious problems that are impacting our economy right now.”

He’s welcoming any good ideas from anyone. The insurance reform committee has until November 15 to come up with a plan.