Sand Hills Fire Chief Under Fire

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Sand Hills Fire Chief Tom Williams and his wife, Captain Pat Williams, were both fired Thursday.

Bay County Chief of Emergency Services Mark Bowen says the pair violated numerous department policies and had a series of complaints filed against them by fellow firefighters.

"It's all good people, just a couple of bad apples," said Sand Hills firefighter Bryan Carey.

The most serious complaint alleges Chief Williams was masturbating to pornography in his office when another firefighter walked in.

In a taped deposition, Williams denies the allegations, but does say there was pornography on his computer, but claims he didn't put it there.

Besides the pornography allegation, Williams is accused of inappropriately firing two firefighters and not properly managing the rest.

"After I got on here, he got a bad attitude with me and I just put up with it and went on doing my job," said Carey.

After reviewing the allegations, Bay County officials also found Williams and his wife misusing/used the command vehicle assigned to Williams. They say he and his wife were using the vehicle to run personal errands.

Finally, Williams was also accused of damaging the stations fire truck after backing it into a dirt mount and not reporting the incident.

Sand Hill firefighters want to put the incident behind them.

"I just want our residents to know that we're going to be there, protecting them from nature and do our job, fight fires," said Carey.

If they decide to, the Williams’ can appeal their dismissal in court.