Teens Buying Booze Online

A new survey finds the latest threat to protecting your teenager from underage drinking may be your home computer.

While the national survey found only two percent of teens order alcohol online themselves, more than one out of ten say they have a friend who buys alcohol online.

A group consisting of liquor retailers, police and the Florida Christian Coalition tried unsuccessfully to push through tougher regulations for online merchants at the state Capitol this year.

A spokesman, John Fleming of the Coalition to Prevent Underage Drinking, says it’s time lawmakers realized online liquor sales can create real problems.

“I think that if there were some good controls in place, it wouldn’t be something that would be necessarily a bad thing, but I think the system that we have now is definitely not working, as we saw with the national survey. Kids are taking advantage of the system right now and we don’t have adequate controls in place.”

The Florida Coalition to Prevent Underage Drinking isn’t sure yet whether it will try again to push through internet alcohol sales regulations in the coming legislative session.

The national survey was conducted for the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America.