Pamela Ray's Mysterious Disappearance Case Still Unsolved

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An Atlanta woman named Pamela Ray came to Panama City Beach in 1992 with her two children for a vacation, but before she was able to hit the beach she disappeared.

Ray's kids were found in her car at the Wilhite Motel on Front Beach Road, along with her purse and keys. She hasn't been seen or heard from since, but police say the case is still never far from their minds.

David Humphreys, of Panama City Beach Police said, "Certainly a month doesn't go by that we're not doing something for this case."

Since her disappearance, police have followed numerous dead end leads trying to find her.

"A case such as this where you have really no evidence, somebody just disappeared, is a very difficult case to work."

Police say Mark Riebe is still their prime suspect. He confessed to Ray's murder years ago, but then recanted. Riebe is serving a life sentence for another unrelated murder.

"There's not enough evidence to do anything further with him at this point."

Humphreys says typically in a homicide case, which police suspect this is, there's a crime scene, but Ray's case is unique in that she just vanished.

Humphreys says he would like nothing more than to solve this case.

"This is one of those cases in your career that just nags at you and nags at you. We work on it every chance we get. We've spent a lot of money on the case and we won't rest until we bring it to some conclusion."

Humpreys says he doesn't know if this case will ever get solved, but he says he wants closure.

If you have any information regarding this case, call the Panama City Beach Police Department at 233-5000.