School Start Brings Changes

Summer is coming to a close for students around Florida. Some started back to school two weeks ago, others are starting this week, and middle school students in particular will find tougher requirements this year.

Jeb Bush’s A++ plan includes a requirement that students start thinking about their future career goals as early as 7th grade.

Middle schoolers will have to complete 12 credits in math, English, science and social science, and the governor’s plan continues his emphasis on reading for middle school students.

“If you’re a below-basic reader, Level 1 on the FCAT, meaning you’re behind in reading, we’re going to require that you take a reading class. We’re going to start the school year with a lot more reading coaches in the middle schools. In fact, I believe we’ll have a reading coach in every middle school in the state."

One of the most controversial new requirements won’t take effect until next year, when high school students will have to declare a major area of study, much like students do now in college.