High Temperatures Bring High Power Bills

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Cynthia Moore is facing a problem that many other southern company customers are facing.

Cynthia Moore said, "Because of the high cost of everything, gas and stuff like that, it's been very difficult and a hardship on me and my household, so I have to come to places such as the Salvation Army and ask for help on my light bill."

This is the fourth time in eight days above normal temperatures have forced customers to set electricity usage records just the run their air conditioning, and there may be more record setting days ahead.

Ted Sangenberg, Gulf Power District Manager, said, "In terms of prospects or future prospects, as long as we see high gasoline prices and natural gas prices I don't see any immediate relief in store for electricity prices. Those things track because of our cost of fuel."

It is why people like Cynthia come to the Salvation Army for assistance with their utility bills. This "Share Program," run by Gulf Power, helps citizens in times of crisis by paying up to $100 on unpaid bills.

Shae Wells of the Salvation Army said, "A lot of times if they're not able to pay that complete bill, you know, that bill is about to be shut off, then that $100 can be put toward that bill so they can pay the rest of that bill."

"They're not a charity, in the sense they're going to enable you, or help you out every time to keep you from paying your bill, but they are good about helping you out in a time of crisis."

If you'd like to learn more about this Share Program, you can call Gulf Power customer service at 1-800-225-5797.