Thomas Drive Flyover to Open

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If you plan to be on the road early Wednesday morning, you may want to watch out for some big changes in Panama City Beach.

Traffic will be slowly integrated to fix all the current traffic problems. If you travel the intersection of Thomas Drive and Back Beach Road, be expecting some pretty big changes.

"Tonight around 10:00, judging slow traffic conditions, we'll be shutting down the temporary lights you see out here and replacing those with permanent traffic signals."

The long awaited overpass is ready for travel and ready to eliminate traffic. Signs are in place and minor construction continues, but by morning light you'll be driving over the once bottle necked roads.

"A lot of people will be working generally in the traffic. We'll have barrels to move traffic over. Of course, we won't be directly in the middle, but they'll definitely be a lot of work going on."

All eastbound traffic will have to drive on the overpass. Barrels will be blocking the current route, but Bellamy doesn't foresee a lot of confusion.

Gary Bellamy, PIO for Thomas Dr. flyover, said, "Everyone's starting to understand the traffic patterns and there's no better way to do that than to drive it and be patient and take your time. These are all new routes, and we want everyone to be careful and safe."

Even after the traffic is switched, the flyover project will still considered a construction sight. That means speeding fines will be doubled. The speed limit on the overpass is 45 miles per hour.