The Last Time It Snowed in Panama City

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December 22nd, 1989 probably doesn't ring any bells for most locals. but you'll most likely remember the event that happened that day.

Monday is the seldom remembered anniversary of the last, and maybe the only, big snow we've had in Panama City.

This is what Front Beach Road looked like 19 years ago today. Snow began falling late that Friday afternoon, and before it was all over an inch and a half was on the ground.

It was a real problem when rain turned to sleet and the temperature dropped into the 20's. That's where it stayed for three days.

D-O-T crews put tons of sand on the old Hathaway Bridge to make it passable again.

The snow fell everywhere in northwest Florida that day and the flurries were seen as far south as Sarasota.

The snow and the ice hung around until Christmas Eve when it all finally melted away. One more day and we could have had somewhat of a white Christmas.

Nineteen years ago today, the last time it snowed in Panama City.

There was another snow fall in March of ‘93 up on the ridge, the very northern parts of the panhandle, but it didn't make it as far south as Panama City that time around.

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