Blake Collier Will Stand Trial for Decapitating His Wife

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Collier admitted to killing Ginger Beaver's 18-year-old daughter Lennia Hing in March 2005. But he has yet to go on trial for the crime.

Prior to Thursday, the courts had ruled collier was mentally incompetent to stand trial. But that has now changed.

Investigators say collier took Lennia Hing from her mobile home off Big Daddy Drive in late March. They say he cut-off her head, disemboweled her, and then tossed her head into the bay.

Authorities found her body in a patch of woods near the bay's edge. They found the head in the water, seven weeks later.

The courts originally ruled collier was incompetent to stand trial, and sent him to a state mental hospital in Gainesville for treatment and evaluation.

Now that he's been ruled competent to stand trial, Barry Beaver says he wants collier to face the ultimate penalty for his step-daughter's murder.

Judge Overstreet tentatively set Collier's trial date for early next year. Collier will remain in the Bay County Jail until his trial.