Inaugural Bar-B-Que Cook-Off in Glenwood

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The Panama City Downtown Improvement Board and the Glenwood Working Partnership hosted the event featuring live music, some shopping, and awards for the best bar-b-que chefs.

The DIB and Glenwood community are trying to revitalize the area. They hope the cook-off will give them a presence in the community.

Myron Hines, the event coordinator, said, "We're trying to raise awareness that the DIB and the Glenwood Working Partnership intends to fully revitalize this area. In order to revitalize the area we need input from the community. We need them to come out and participate in functions like this, which is our first function in the neighborhood."

Members of the partnership say they want to make the cook-off an annual event, and they hope to attract BBQ chefs from throughout the country to compete in the cook-off.