Election Officials Ready for Primary

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Supervisor of Elections Mark Andersen says he expects the more than 90,000 remaining registered voters to cast their ballots. He says all the candidates have worked hard for your vote, and it's important for everyone to take advantage of our right to vote.

A few friendly reminders for Tuesday:

- The polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.
- You must bring some form of identification with you.
- You're going to automatically get a paper ballot unless you specifically ask for a touch screen.

Andersen suggests not waiting until the last minute to cast your ballot, and he says the elections office will not be in a hurry to announce results Tuesday evening.

Mark Andersen said, "We'll have the numbers when we're comfortable with giving numbers. It's all about accuracy, not speed, and when you've got this many candidates and this many issues taking place, you want to make sure any numbers you put out are the best numbers, and absolutely correct when you do that."

If you have election or candidate questions, or to find your precinct, log on to www.bayvotes.org.