Seized Signs

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Roadside political signs have been an important part of every candidate’s campaign for decades, but Tuesday morning, some last minute sign placement work went for nothing. Authorities seized the signs.

Work really piled up on the Panama City Code Enforcement Team Tuesday morning. They spent hours collecting illegal signs.

The more they picked up, the more they seemed to find sprouting up in other locations. The signs were illegally placed on the public right of way.

Lance Livingston with PCPD Code Enforcement said, "It's the portion of the property that the city owns, and they have utility lines in them and utility holes, and there's maintenance work in those right of ways."

On Harrison Avenue are a couple of examples of signs that are deemed acceptable by the Code of Enforcement Office. They're about five feet away from electrical or telephone poles.

"General rule and what we tell everybody, these signs are illegal, period. Politicians have an exemption certain times of the month for these political signs if they are five feet from the right of way."

Ninety percent of these signs are political, but the other 10 percent aren't exempt from the law.

"Yard sale signs are illegal, and you're allowed one in their yard. The same goes with the real estate signs. They have to be on the property that's being sold."

Candidates in the primary elections have until September 15th to remove their legal signs. After that they'll be just like everyone else's signs, illegal.

Candidates who don't remove their signs by the 10-day deadline face up to a $500 fine for each sign.