Panama City Car Crash

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A Panama City car wreck temporarily shuts down part of a road Sunday morning, and then sends two women to the hospital.
The car accident happened at the intersection of Baldwin and Jenks Avenue just before 11a.m.
According to a Florida Highway Patrol Trooper the woman driving this silver Honda was initially in the turn lane, but at the last minute had a change of mind and kept going straight.
That's when the passenger side of her car collided with the driver's side of this green Ford.
The woman driving the Ford was trapped for at least thirty minutes.
Bay County Firefighters from the North West Side tried everything to get her out and eventually had to use the Jaws of Life to rescue her from the car.
After back boarding her they took her to the hospital for what appears to be non-life threatening injuries.
The other woman also went to the hospital.
A Florida Highway Patrol Trooper tells NewsChannel 7 from looking at the wreck the cars may have rotated several times before coming to their final resting spots.