M-E Says He Will Fight

Doctor Charles Siebert has decided to take the long route in clearing his name.

After being under scrutiny since the Martin Lee Anderson case, Doctor Siebert was recommended for probation after an audit over all his cases was performed by the state Medical Examiner's Commission..

But, Dr. Siebert stands by his work saying he hasn't done anything wrong. That's why he has decided to go through the process of a formal hearing in front of an administrative board.

He had the option of having an informal board, but he would have to admit that all the allegations against him were true. That’s something he refuses to do.

So he and his lawyers have decided that he should dispute the allegations as well as his probation.

The audit preformed by another Medical Examiner also gave Siebert some ideas how he can improve. "I disagree with the fact that I need to be on probation. However, I do agree with the fact that a Q and A type of situation, where I have another Medical Examiner examine some of my cases and do a quality assurance type thing. That's something I'm looking into anyway."

Now Siebert is recommended for probation for the length of his contract which is 9 more months. That's why he's appealing. If he loses the appeal then the probation would take effect.

Siebert is confident he will win and there will be no probation.