Charlie’s Choice

The Republican nominee for governor has named his running mate. Charlie Crist flew to southwest Florida Wednesday morning for a press conference with Jeff Kottkamp, an attorney and six-year veteran of the state House of Representatives.

There had been a lot of speculation that Crist would name a woman or a minority as his running mate, but in the end he decided to stick with a conservative white male to shore up his Republican base.

Crist addressed the issue at a news conference.

“Well, it’s important to have a camaraderie between the governor and lieutenant governor, in my view, and certainly we have that. There’s a great bond here, and that’s very, very important to me. I plan on winning. I plan on working with this person for at least four years and maybe eight if the people are kind. So that was a very important factor. All of it’s important, but in the end you’ve gotta come down to the person you believe in your heart is right for the people of Florida.”

The Democratic nominee for governor, Congressman Jim Davis, will announce his choice of a running mate Thursday morning in Broward County. Broward is the home of State Rep. Chris Smith, an African-American lawmaker who is on the short list of potential running mates.