Florida's First Ethanol Pump Unveiled

Florida motorists will soon have more opportunities to “go green.”

Jeb Bush unveiled the state’s first E-85 ethanol pump at a public gas station in Tallahassee. At the news conference he announced the rollout of ethanol pumps at 16 additional stations across north Florida.

The governor touted the benefits of the so-called flex fuel.

“Well, it’s important for a variety of reasons. Number one, we are so dependent upon foreign sources of oil and gasoline as a state and as a country that it’s in our national security interests and our economic interests as a state to diversify, plain and simple. Secondly, this is a way, I believe, that we can strengthen our own agriculture which is under attack for all sorts of reasons. It’s a challenging time to be in agriculture. Third, it burns cleaner.”

Flex Fuel vehicles do seem to be catching on. There are already 60,000 of them on Florida roads.

Several auto makers now make vehicles that can use so-called flex fuel, including General Motors, Chrysler, Ford and Nissan.

Check out the complete list at www.e85fuel.com and click on “E 85 vehicles.”