WJHG-TV Expands With Two More Networks in Panama City

In a landscape of Cable, Satellite and the new digital world, Monday marks the launch of even more choices next time you turn on the TV.

The new networks being added to the lineup in Panama City television are called The C-W and My Network TV, and both are affiliates of WJHG-TV.

It’s like getting the best of both worlds with The CW. It’s what happens when you put the best of the shows from the WB and UPN together on one channel.

Shows like the Gilmore Girls, America’s Next Top Model, Smallville, and the Friday Night Smackdown are all on the lineup, along with many others.

As for My Network TV, critics are calling it a little more Grassroots. So far the lineup has the Andy Griffith Show, a new show called Desire, The Rachael Ray Show and Inside Edition.

If you are on Comcast Cable, the CW is now on Channel 12 and My Network TV is on Comcast Digital Channel 245.

If you are on Knology, you can find The C-W on Channel 9 and my Network TV on Channel 99.