Southport Incorporation Vote

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The people of Southport have stepped up and let their intentions be known.

For more than seven years the area has debated on whether to incorporate and become Bay County's ninth city.

The votes have been counted and the decision is pretty much final; Southport will not become Bay County's ninth city.

Southport citizens took to the polls Tuesday to let their voices be heard, and heard it was. Almost 1,700 of about 2,800 people voted.

640 people voted for incorporation and 1,009 people voted not to incorporate. Those who voted were very emotional with Tuesday night’s tallies.

Powell Adams, happy about the vote, said, "No more government and no more taxes. We didn't want to see the old people and the people on fixed incomes to have to suffer and pay for a new city that wasn't needed."

Sally Ferland, disappointed about vote, added, "The legislatures I don't believe will ever give us this opportunity again. It's been defeated twice. Why would they give us the opportunity again?"

These numbers are not finalized, but as good as set in stone. The canvassing board will meet Monday to recount all of the numbers, finalizing that Southport will remain unincorporated.