New Mayor Plans to Make Her Mark

Marsha Harpool is making history, twice! As Blountstown's Mayor-Elect she is the first female and first African-American to ever hold the office.

The mayor-elect is planning to hit the ground running on January 1.

Harpool said, "I want people to say that Mayor Harpool went in there, rolled her sleeves up. She wasn't a figurehead mayor; she rolled her sleeves up and got the job done."

As for goals, Harpool has many. One of them is to make sure city government is on the people's mind. The plan is public access TV.

"People have to commute to work and there's so many activities that their children are doing, they should at their leisure be able to tune in on their TV in their house to know exactly what's happening in city government."

So it's a history-making term, and the Mayor-Elect is taking that seriously. One of her priorities is community development for River Street.

"There was a barbershop. There was a laundry mat. There was a funeral home. And see, all of that has left the community. We want this community to be built back up with economic opportunities."

Harpool worked as the Director of the Community Redevelopment Agency in Quincy until April.

She holds a masters degree of Urban and Regional Planning from Alabama A&M University, and a bachelor of arts from Kentucky State.