Agency Looking to Turn Old Boot Camp Into Veterans’ Aid

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A taped up sign on the 1,700-square-foot office isn't cutting it anymore for the quality and quantity of veterans in need.

Bruce Theesfeld of the People's Agency Task Force said, "These people have served our country, fought, and have been willing to give themselves for us, and we feel it is very important for ourselves and our community to give back to them."

With only four beds, one kitchen, and small living and working quarters, the Peoples Agency Task Force is hoping to expand its assistance.

So they're looking to move their facility to the old Bay County Boot Camp. They say because this facility can hold almost nine times the people, they can physically help more veterans and create programs to mentally rehabilitate.

Programs like substance abuse, mental health, and post traumatic stress classes will not only help the veterans themselves, but help bring them back into the community.

McCoy Thomas knows firsthand how this assistance can help.

McCoy Thomas added, "I had a serious accident, and it gives me piece of mind."

To make it happen, the task force has to sell the idea to the state Department of Juvenile Justice. DJJ owns the boot camp buildings, which sit on county property, but so far, calls to them have gone unanswered.

The task force is looking for any volunteers and contributions to make their vision become a reality. If you'd like to help with this endeavor, you can call the Peoples Agency Task Force at 215-0713.