Threatening Note Concerns Holmes County High School

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Holmes County High School is the definition of "small town America" where the only threats you hear of usually come on the football field, which is why many people were shocked when a student found a note inside a chain letter with a date set for a killing spree.

The student turned the note over to authorities, who are not taking the matter lightly. In fact, the Holmes County sheriff held an assembly Friday morning to address the student body.

Dennis Lee, Holmes Co. Sheriff, said, "It is a possibility this was a prank and we wanted them to hear it from me that if it was a prank, they need to come forward today and put it to rest."

But nobody has come forward, and just days ago another note was found written in the boy's bathroom with similar handwriting.

Authorities are requiring students to make handwriting checks, and forensic evidence is being tested. In the meantime, school times are on a regular schedule, just added security and heightened awareness.

Janis Johnson, Principal of Holmes Co. HS, said, "We haven't made decisions about that day because it's a ‘what if.’ We're hoping that today we find out who did it. We're hoping we know before that day and there will be no concern by anybody about what's going to happen."

If and when the perpetrator is caught, depending on the age, they may be facing prison time. If you have any information regarding this case, you can call the Holmes County Sheriff's Office at 547-3681.