Gulf Power Customers Can Save Money and Energy with New Program

Gulf Power Company is launching a new energy efficiency initiative called EarthCents to help customers save money and energy and to help protect the environment.

The new EarthCents programs will replace Gulf Power’s well known “GoodCents” brand that had been used for more than 30 years.

“We’re thrilled to be launching these new programs,” said Sandy Sims, manager of Public Affairs at Gulf Power, “especially in these tough economic times. These programs can truly help our customers reduce the amount of energy they use and reduce their power bill — and they help the environment by reducing CO2.”

In the early 1970s, Gulf Power introduced the energy efficiency standard for homebuilding, the GoodCents home program, that’s been used by utilities nationwide. In addition, Gulf Power was the first to offer an innovative home energy management program.

The company’s energy efficiency programs have helped customers reduce their energy demand in Northwest Florida by 350 megawatts — enough to power 100,000 homes.

“We have a solid track record of developing conservation programs that work for the average person,” Sims said. “EarthCents builds on that history and adds a new environmental perspective. Our customers are already showing great interest in these programs.”

EarthCents Programs

Energy Select

Gulf Power customers can pay less for your electricity 87 percent of the time. Energy Select is an interactive energy management system that lets you program selected appliances to automatically respond to four different electricity prices depending on the time of day, day of week and season.

The program costs $4.95 per month and includes a programmable thermostat and surge protection. The typical customer on Energy Select can reduce their CO2 output by 1,692 pounds per year.

EarthCents Home

The EarthCents Home exceeds EnergyStar standards as well as the International Energy Conservation Code. Customers can save up to 25 percent annually on their energy costs — and reduce CO2 by more than 9,500 pounds per year.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Geothermal heating and cooling systems take advantage of the Earth’s constant temperature and save as much as 40 percent on energy costs. Customers can receive a $400/ton rebate when they install a geothermal system at their home or business, and may also be eligible for a 30 percent Federal Tax Credit. Adding a system to an existing home can reduce CO2 by 6,313 pounds per year.

Solar Thermal Water Heating

Gulf Power’s Solar Thermal Water Heating lets customers heat your water using the power of the sun. Customers can receive a $1,000 rebate when a qualified contractor installs a system. Customers also may be eligible for an additional $500 rebate from the State of Florida, as well as a 30 percent Federal Tax Credit. They can save up to 75 percent on their annual water heating cost and reduce CO2 by 5,776 pounds per year.

Energy Check Up

Gulf Power’s energy experts can help customers find ways to reduce energy costs through free home Energy Check Ups online or in-person. By implementing recommendations from an Energy Check Up, residential customers can see a savings of up to 2 percent annually on their energy bill and reduce CO2 by 583 pounds per year.

To find out more about how EarthCents programs can save money and energy, call 1-877-655-4001 or visit

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